7 things every woman must do before sleep

7 things every woman must do before sleep

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To maintain your healthy skin, every woman should be do these things she goes to bed.

 • Remove makeup

Sleeping in your makeup is a bad habit. The dirt and dead skin cells stay on your skin can cause acne, pimples and other skin related issues.

• Brush teeth

Brushing your teeth twice daily should be an essential part of every woman’s beauty regime. Brush and floss every tooth before going to bed for fresh breath and stronger teeth.

• Moisturize

Apply cream or lotion to every part of your body before you sleep. The cream soaks into your skin for a good night and glowing skin in the morning.

• Apply a face mask

Face masks remove dead skin cells on your face. It prepares your face for the next day’s makeup application, and face masks are very easy to make with your favourite kitchen equipment.

• Drink water

Drinking a glass of water before bed protects your body while you sleep. Your body is hydrated when you sleep; water is important to promote a healthy body.

• Wear a headscarf

It is important to put on a head scarf before you sleep to avoid tangling your hair and protecting it from damage.

• Choose the next day’s outfit

Well-groomed women don’t get the gorgeous look without planning what to wear. They tried and tested different combination of outfits and shoes before arriving at the final option. It saves you from running around in the panic the next morning.

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