Check out : The disgracing effects of smelly feet and its cure

Check out : The disgracing effects of smelly feet and its cure

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Smelly feet or bromodosis is an embarrassing issue for you and those around you. The smell produced from stinky feet causes a nuisance to you and people surrounding you. Smelly feet also causes health problems around feet areas as these will attract microorganism which damages feet skin and feet nails.

These are the best remedies to prevent smelly feet.

You should wash your feet daily with warm, clean water and antibiotics soap or detergent to remove dirt, sweat, and odour which attracts microorganisms around your feet areas, especially when bathing or taking a shower. These means that you should regularly wash between your toes and your feet nail areas as these are places where microorganism grow. It is of necessity to wash your feet several times daily, in the morning, at night and after your daily activities when it happens that your feet smell often. You should also scrub your feet with exfoliating scrub or pumice stone to get rid of dead or damaged skin as these are hiding places for microorganisms.

Keep your feet dry

To prevent smelly feet then keep your feet dry by wiping your feet with clean treated towel once you have washed them, these means rubbing between the toes areas using antibiotics solutions, also avoid warring damp shoes or damp socks before your feet dry, these will remove moisture which will keep off microorganism as they thrive well in moist areas. Also, wear dry socks and dry shoes as damp socks or wet shoes will make your feet absorb dampness or moisture around your damp socks or wet shoes causing your feet to attract microorganism making your feet to smell.

Use antibiotics

Use antibiotics when cleaning your feet to keep them from the microorganisms as antibiotics kill microorganisms and restore damaged feet skin which causes smelly feet. Apply medicine around your feet areas and between the toe areas as these are breeding places for microorganisms. Also, use correct nail polish which will not be harmful to your nail or which will attract microorganism at them.


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