Handsome men behind KupeChallenge release new video

Handsome men behind KupeChallenge release new video

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A fortnight ago, a group of four well-built men caused a buzz online after a video they shared went viral.

Dubbed KupeChallenge, the video left women drooling, a huge chunk of them wishing they could have a piece of their ‘sauce’ (whatever that means).

You do not want to see your girlfriend’s comment on their video because you will be hurt, trust me.

Good thing, they are in France, quite a distance from Africa, so we are safe.

As if tormenting us ‘gorillas’ – as some ladies referred to us after the video- was not enough, the men have now uploaded a new video.

This time they were flaunting their fresh haircuts. I would love to hate but frankly, those haircuts look good, you can see the effort of the barber.

Their haircuts made me question whether my barber ‘Jonte’ is really qualified. After making deep incisions on my skin he applies a litre of surgical spirit to remind me of my struggles. Anyway…


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