“That You are HOT with Strong Footballer Legs” – Chris-Vincent to Lydia Forson

“That You are HOT with Strong Footballer Legs” – Chris-Vincent to Lydia Forson

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Dear Lydia Forson,

You know these days I have been busy, trying to become a monk—which requires that I do not attempt to “libel or slander” anyone, even if it’s for good or “godly” reasons.

Today is your birthday: so you claim and this is confirmed by your public records.

I believe you have achieved a lot, even if irrelevant to some of us, in your career and in your personal life. Yet on your birthday, you have decided to do what has been a useless industry convention of releasing what you describe “HOT” photos in celebration of this day.

So I ask myself—what are these photos supposed to tell us or the world? That you are HOT with strong footballer legs or your ass is all pumped up there? Is that not the narrative some people call objectification of women?

I find it fascinating, albeit absurd, that each year, people like you in this entertainment industry continue to release photos that sell not their career or what they represent but make it seems you are selling your body to the highest bidder, watching from afar on your birthdays.

I look at these photos you have served, and what comes in mind is this: a desperate 19th century black woman, uneducated, looking for a working corner at a popular unlicensed brothel who has sent her photos for audition, to be examined by a permed black pimp.

I am not saying you are the above. I am just putting into words what an innocuous examination of the photos by anyone who does not know you will fetch as the result.

To me, there is a better way you and the many who continue to spend monies on almost racy or harlot-like photos and post on their birthdays, can celebrate your birthdays—even in photos.

As an artist, I mean an actress, these photos do not capture your achievements or directions—I hope that’s the case because the plausible alternative is, this is truly who you are and who you want to be known for.

We need “quality” women in this saturated cheap industry which is fully packed with those whose selling points are their bodies. I thought you detest this—probably on one hand you do, and on another, you are a silent cheerleader.

Do you even realise the photos are overly photoshopped, such that your knee has completely disappeared as a result of the poor photoshop work on one of them?

Anyway, happy birthday to whatever you represent—for me, I think you could have done better with the narrative, Lydia!

And I hope you reflect on this, going forward. What’s the difference between you and Moesha?

— Chris-Vincent Agyapong

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