Video: Turning 30 was depressing – Yvonne Nelson

Video: Turning 30 was depressing – Yvonne Nelson

Turning 30 was a depressing time for actress and producer Yvonne Nelson.

In a video posted to her Official Youtube channel, the House of Gold actress revealed why she didn’t exactly like turning 30 on November 12 last year.

“I will be 30 tomorrow and its so depressing. I don’t know if every 29-year old woman feels this way but its so depressing. I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking that I’m no longer going to say I’m 29. If somebody ask me me how old I am, I’m going to say thirty! Like how did I get here, I know it’s a blessing,” Nelson said.

She also shared a question she usually asked her younger self.

“Back in the day when I was younger, any time I hear *laughs* any time I see someone who is thirty who is not married, who doesn’t have a kid, I go like ‘what is wrong with her like what is wrong with her?’ now I’m thirty… You guys can tell that I’m depressed right? Yeah I’m. I ain’t gonna lie.”

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