Why women shouldn’t talk about their marital issues with their friends

Why women shouldn’t talk about their marital issues with their friends

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Sometimes there is the need to share. But here are some reasons why sharing too much marital information could be a problem.

Over the years, many wives have been in the fashion of discussing their marital successes and woes with their girlfriends.

Wives sometimes feel awesome to get feedback from their girlfriends.

But how many know where to draw the line between what stays at home among themselves and their husbands and what goes out in their conversations amongst their friends?

According to Women Health Magazine, women talking about their marital issues is something they can’t live without.

It keeps them sane and sometimes helps them from going insane.

Do women talk because their husbands or mostly men are not great listeners?

Here are some reasons why women shouldn’t talk to their friends about their marriages or marital problems:

– Women usually talk their friends into divorces.

– Talking too much about your marriage to your girlfriends induces jealousy which leads to friends taking the husbands of other friends.

– Talking too much about one’s marriage may lead to depression of friends who aren’t yet married and feel the need to do so.

– Sharing your marital issues amongst your friends could only make things worse.

However, if you still want to go ahead and speak to your girlfriends about your marriage, let your husband know about it and make sure he is okay with it.

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